Trip to Bomunsan, Daejeon, South Korea

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I almost forgot when I went to Bomunsan exactly, but since I want share to all of you, I will try to write it here. I think about last month, the week between my only-two-remaining-final-exam, I decided to go to Bomunsan. Bomunsan, or in hangeul 보문산, is one of the mountain that located in Daejeon. Its not that far from my campus, KAIST. It reachable by using metrobus in Daejeon.

So, as this is my first time to go there, the day before my trip, I dedicated my time to survey about how to go and what is interesting there. As you already know, it is quite easy to find the route and transportation from one place to other here in Korea. The powerful tool for that is navermap! But you need slightly minimum ability about Hangeul. So here is our actual route from KAIST to Bomunsan.

Image Route from KAIST…

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